Monday, June 25, 2012

My Favorite Age

Welcome back! :) Since it has been so long, I have way too many pictures to choose from and stories to tell...but we're going to go ahead and skip to life right now...and keep moving forward. Morrow Moments are in full swing in 2012. Conner has graduated from Kindergarten and already has a wonderful start to becoming bilingual. His T-ball season this year was one of the highlights of his entire life. Also, I have had to recognize that life isn't slowing down, and that my little girl will be attending preschool in the fall, so I've been playing tea party and Mommy, dancing with Cinderella, reading lots of stories, and soaking in as much of her as I can. She loves being my shadow and has been a source of excitement and joy for Gianna as well. Gianna's personality has developed so much - now much louder, much more advanced in so many ways, but still just the sweetest thing you ever did meet. I wish I could freeze time. I always used to say, "This is my favorite age." But still is. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Let Them Play

I'm often cleaning. It is pretty impressive how many toys can be out of place at once. It's not just toys, but dishes, mail, laundry stacks that were once folded - all that good stuff. Recently I have been pushing harder to get a little cleaning help from the kids. This particular day I encouraged them to "wash" the scribbles of chalk off the patio with one cup of water and a sponge for each kid. I ignored the dripping water from the kitchen sink to the front yard as they refilled their cups over and over. I tried not to care that their clothes became soaking wet and I would have extra laundry. I let them walk in and out with dirty barefeet, laughing and having a great time "cleaning." I went ahead and focused on a different task, all proud of myself that they were helping me move forward.
As you can see, when I came back to check on their progress, they had done a very thorough job of cleaning the mess. They took every single towel they could find and soaked it in the chalky water. I just laugh that I thought I was creating less work for myself, when really I created more. At least they tried to help...and more importantly, they had fun playing together.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Road Trip! Beautiful Durango

Jake and I have been in absolute awe of Durango's beauty for years. We talk about how peaceful Grandma's house is, and how we look forward to each time we get to sit on their deck and watch the birds. On our way home from our Army Reserve Duty trip to Colorado, we stopped in for a visit...

Although over a year has past since my last post, as you can see, my growing children still hold our hands...and I can't stop taking pictures of it.
Next to the park was a fun creek. Conner thought it was perfect for throwing rocks.

Grace thought it was perfect for showing everyone her ballerina (or cheerleader) moves.

Also, Great Grandma took the kids on a pinecone hunt. They each carried their bags proudly. It was super cute - and a wonderful memory for the kids.
And again with the moves...
OK, so I know you probably want to see smiling happy faces...but sometimes the real life moments are even better. My Grace is such a sweetheart. So full of life. So fun. So beautiful. And lately, so hard to put down or a nap. So the poor girl gets very very tired...and sometimes that leads to a time out. Bet even cute is she?!

Would it be ok if i took a minute and showed a couple...or a bunch...of the pictures of Gianna taken in Grandma's yard? :) Please help me decide which shot is best. And by the way, she took her first steps during our Colorado trip (YES - SHE WAS 9 MONTHS OLD!)

All in all, it was a lovely time. Hopefully we can visit again soon. Love you, G & G!